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The International Association for Japan Studies (IAJS)

1. 事務局: 112-8606 東京都文京区白山5-28-20
東洋大学国際学部 迦部留・チャールズ研究室
E-mail:  iajs2019conference@gmail.com
URL: http://iajs.net
Office: Associate Professor Charles Cabell
Faculty of Regional and Global Studies, Toyo University
5-28-20 Hakusan, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 112-8606


o    会長 イアン・ラックストン(九州工業大学教授)    President  Ian Ruxton (Professor at Kyushu Institute of Technology)

o    副会長 チャールズ・カベル(東洋大学准教授)
Vice-President  Charles Cabell (Associate Professor at Toyo  University)

o    理事 マージ・リー(早稲田大学教授)
 Maji Rhee (Professor at Waseda University)

o    理事(会計)冨田かおる(山形大学教授)
Director (Treasure) Kaoru Tomita (Professor at Yamagata University)

o    理事(会計監査)廣田孝(京都女子大学教授)
Director (Auditor) Takashi Hirota (Professor at Kyoto Women
s University)

o    理事 ミュリエル・ジョリヴェ(上智大学教授)
Director Muriel Jolivet (Professor at Sophia University)

o    理事 鈴木桂子 (立命館大学教授)              Director Keiko Suzuki (Professor at Ritsumeikan University)          

o    理事 ジョフ・ブラッドリー (帝京大学准教授)              Director Joff P. N. Bradley (Associate Professor at Teikyo University)


Honorary President  Takehisa Iijima (Emeritus Professor at Yamagata University)

o  木村公一(元会長・早稲田大学名誉教授)
Honorary President  Koichi Kimura (Emeritus Professor at Waseda University)


       o Leith Morton (元副会長・元東京工業大学教授)

 o  徳永光展 (元理事・福岡工業大学教授)


o    一般会員:入会金:¥2,000、年会費:¥5,000
Regular Member: Registration Fee
2,000 yen, Annual Membership Fee: 5,000 yen

o    学生会員:入会金:¥1,000、年会費:¥3,000
Student Member: Registration Fee
1,000 yen, Annual Membership Fee: 3,000 yen

o    維持会員:入会金:¥3,000、年会費:¥10,000
Patron Member: Registration Fee
3,000 yen, Annual Membership Fee: 10,000 yen

o    当日発表会員:発表費:¥5,000(入会せずに発表を希望する場合)
Conference Presentation Fee for Non-members: 5,000 yen

o    当日聴講会員:聴講費:一般¥2,000 学生¥1,000
Conference Registration Fee for Non-members: 2,000 yen (Student: 1,000 yen)


The International Association for Japan Studies

Section 1: General Bylaws

1.    (Name) The association shall be called 'The International Association for Japan Studies'.

2.    (Members) Anyone interested in Japanese culture and Japan, irrespective of nationality, is able to become a member of the association.

3.    (Language) Regardless of the nationality of its members, as a rule, the association shall use English within the association and its research meetings.

Section 2: Objectives and Activities

4.    (Objectives) This association is established to promote study by foreign scholars and Japanese scholars as individuals or jointly, of all aspects of Japan, with a focus on the humanities and social sciences. The association, using the international lingua franca, English, as its common language, will publish in English with the aim of promoting mutual understanding between Japan and other countries.

5.    (Activities) The association in order to achieve the aforementioned objectives has established the following activities.

1.    The holding of regular meetings and research conferences and general meetings.

2.    Academic exchanges between researchers and research organizations both in Japan and overseas.

3.    Any other activities deemed necessary to carry out its purposes.

Section 3: Organization

6.    (Executive) The association will consist of the following executive members:
1. President (1 person) 2. Honorary Presidents (small group) 3. Advisors (small group), 4. Vice-President (1 person), 5. Secretary/Treasurer (general business, accounting, 1 person), 6. Executive Members (small group), 7. Accountant (1).

7.    (Duties) The association has determined that the following duties will be carried out by the executive.

1.    The President will represent the association and oversee its meetings.

2.    The Vice-President will assist the President in administering the association.

3.    The executive will hold executive meetings in order to deliberate upon important matters relating to the running of the association. Meetings of the executive will be chaired by the President.

4.    The Secretary/Treasurer will supervise the administrative work of the association.

5.    The Auditor will audit the account.

8.    (Election) The election of the executive and term of office shall proceed as follows:

1.    The President and Auditor will be nominated by the executive and then confirmed by a general meeting of the association.

2.    The Vice-President and executive members, including the Secretary/Treasurer (general affairs and accounting), will be nominated by the President and after confirmation by the executive will be approved by the general meeting of the association.

3.    The term of office of the executive shall be two years, except for special circumstances, and as a rule, any extension of office will be limited to one other term of two years, thus arriving at a total of 4 years. However advisors will not subject to this rule. If a member of the executive is replaced during his term of office, the replacement will serve out the remaining term of the person who is replaced.

9.    (Honorary Presidents - Advisors)

1.    The association will be able to appoint a small number of Honorary Presidents and Advisors.

2.    Honorary Presidents and Advisors, if so requested by the President, will be able to attend meetings of the executive as required and to assist in the general running of the association.

3.    Honorary Presidents and Advisors will be nominated by the President and after receiving the approval of the executive, will be confirmed at the general meeting of the association.

10.  (General Meeting)

1.    General Meetings will be called for by the President at least once a year. However if necessary extraordinary meetings can also be called.

2.    Resolutions of the general meeting must be passed by a quorum consisting of over half of those present.

Section 4: Accounting

11.  (Expenses)
The expenses of the association shall be paid through income received from association membership fees.

12.  (Fiscal Year)
The financial year applying to the association will commence from the 1st of April every year and run until the 31st March the following year.

13.  (Report)
After receiving the approval of the Accountant the financial report of the association will be presented at the annual general meeting once a year.

Section 5: Changes in the Bylaws

14.  (Changes)
Changes in the bylaws must be approved by a quorum at the annual general meeting.

(Additional Provision)

  1. The Bylaws of the Association came into being on the 1st of April 2005.
  2. The Bylaws, Article 6 (Executive 2. Honorary Presidents), Article 8 (Election 3) and Article 9 (Honorary Presidents - Advisors 1,2,3) were revised at the General Meeting of the 4th Convention on November 14, 2008.