Guidelines for Submission to The IAJS Journal


The International Association for Japan Studies (IAJS) issues one number per year, selecting papers of outstanding quality. To submit a paper, please follow the guidelines  specified below.


(1)   Submissions will be accepted only from current members of the IAJS. The annual membership fee must have been paid prior to the time of submission. (One of submitters submitting joint papers must be a member of the IAJS.)


(2)   Submitters submitting papers based on presentations given in the annual conference of the IAJS should make this clear at the time of submission. (Papers submitted for review may not have been published, accepted for publication or be under review elsewhere.) The deadline for submission of papers based on presentations is May 31 the year following the conference.


(3)   When submitting a paper, the three items below should be submitted by e-mail as attachments, formatted as MICROSOFT WORD files.


[a] Papers should not exceed 7,000 words, including the main text and any footnotes, but excluding bibliography, tree diagrams, tables, graphs, numerical formulae and figures. Submitters, especially those whose first language is not English, are expected to have had their papers thoroughly edited to eliminate any potential problems with syntax prior to submission.

[b] English Synopsis must be 600 words or fewer in length. As mentioned, submitters, especially those whose first language is not English, are expected to have their writing thoroughly edited to eliminate any potential problems with syntax prior to submission.

[c] Cover letter should include the title, authorfs name, affiliated institution, contact address, phone number, fax number (if available), e-mail address and reference details, when applicable, to any presentations the author may have given dealing with research covered in the paper.


(4) Notes on Style


[a] Place all notes at the end of the paper.

[b] For other points concerning style, please follow The MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, which we recommend, or if preferred, a standard alternative.


(5) When submitting by electronic mail, send the paper, synopsis and cover letter to the  chief editor of The IAJS Journal (Prof. Charles Cabell, e-mail : with gPaper for Submissionh in the Subject line. Filenames must be brief and consist only of alphanumeric letters. Within one week after receiving a submission, the chief editor will send an acknowledgement of receipt by e-mail. In the event that an acknowledgement is not received within a week, please re-send the submission to ensure it has been received. Failure to do so may result in the paper not being considered for review.


(6)  The Editorial Board retains sole responsibility for accepting or rejecting papers submitted for review.


(7)  In principle, authors will receive two proofs and will be responsible for all corrections. Corrections are strictly limited to typographical and factual errors. In no case will amendments to content be accepted. Contributors will receive 20 free off-prints. The IAJS reserves the right to make published papers available in electronic form.


(8)  Authors will collectively share the costs for publication of The IAJS Journal.  Consequently, authors living inside of Japan will need to send a publishing fee (20,000 yen) by the transfer slip at the post office within ten days after receiving notification that their paper has been accepted. The transfer slip will be sent to authors by the Treasurer of the IAJS (Pro. Kaoru Tomita, e-mail : Authors living outside of Japan will pay in cash (20,000 yen) in exchange for The IAJS Journal at the annual conference of the IAJS instead of using post-office transactions.


Inquires to Pro. Charles Cabell (Toyo University), e-mail :


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