The International Association for Japan Studies (IAJS)

2018 Guidelines for Submitting Conference Proposals

The 2018 Conference of the IAJS will be held on Saturday, Toyo University for December 1st and 2nd in Tokyo. Applicants wishing to submit proposals for conference papers should follow the guidelines below

  • Proposals should be sent by e-mail in plain text and with an attached text file.

  • Application should be sent by 31 October, 2018 to the address below:
    §  E-mail :
    §  Address : The International Association for Japan Studies (IAJS)
         c/o Dr. Shinya Maezaki, Kyoto Women’s University
         35 Kitahiyoshi-cho, Imakumano, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto. 605-8501, Japan
    §  Tel
    Fax : 81-75-531-7250


For a Japanese name, both in Japanese and English.

For a foreign name, both in foreign and Katakana.


If relevant, include Rank (e.g. Professor, Associate Professor, Ph.D.Cand.).

If the institution is in Japan, then the name should be given in both English and Japanese.

[Title of Paper]

In English and Japanese.


In English, 300 words or less.

[Brief CV]

In English or Japanese.


Title of one book or one article (with title, year of publication, name of the journal, etc.).

[Research Field or Topic]


[Contact Address]

Name, address, e-mail, and telephone number.

[Conference Presentation Fee]

All the members are free to participate in the IAJS conferences. Conference Presentation Fee for non-members is 5,000 yen



  • 送付:申込書は、e-mailにより、本文(plain text)に記入し、且つ、(文字化け対策のため)同じ内容を記入したテキスト・ファイル(拡張子txtのファイル)をも添付して送って下さい。

  • 申し込み締切: 20181031

  • 申込先:〒605-8501 京都市東山区今熊野日吉町35  京都女子大学 前崎信也研究室気付「国際日本学会」第13回大会申込受付係
    Email :
    Fax : +81-75-531-7250













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